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If There's Squash Bugs in Heaven I Ain't Staying

Learning to Make the Perfect Pie, Sing When You Need To, and Find the Way Home with farmer Evelyn

Stacia Spragg-Braude, Photographer

Don't let the quaint and homespun title fool you. This book is a beautifully written and engaging homage to Evelyn Curtis Losack, a woman farmer and water rights activist from Corrales, New Mexico, a small community on the northern outskirts of Albuquerque. Through the sensitive journalist eye of writer/photographer Stacia Braude-Spragg, this book is a personal introduction to a life well lived, one with conviction, which will have universal appeal.


This beautifully told story about an eccentric matriarch-farmer and her village of Corrales is an absolute treasure. Anyone who has called New Mexico home, whether for a very short time or for generations, needs to sit down with [the book] for the sheer joy of reading it and for the portrait it makes of a New Mexican farming community and the values that make it so.
-Deborah Madison


Stacia Spragg-Braudes lively homage to Corrales and its heroes and characters is a fine example of how to celebrate a small community through preserving its individual and collective memories for future generations.
-Stanley Crawford

Trim: 8" x 8"

Pages: 200

Illustrations: 38 color plates

New Mexico




Cloth $29.95