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Filipino Cuisine

Recipes from the Islands

Gerry G. Gelle, Author

A comprehensive presentation of all the regional styles of cooking from the Philippines. All of the cultural influences that make up this country are presented in the cooking, including Asian, Spanish, Muslim, Portuguese, Mexican, and Filipino.


"An interesting and informative book for cooks who want to expand their horizons and familiarize themselves with another aspect of Asian cooking."
-Country Living


"Although he gives a culinary geography lesson of the spread-out islands that make up the Philippines, Gelle says 'the book was written from a Filipino-American point of view, not a Filipino point of view.' Thus, the recipes sometimes have been modified to fit both American ingredients and the Americanized tastes of those born and raised in this country. The recipes are no less authentic for being adapted."
-San Francisco Chronicle


"...perfect for a library's ethnic cookbook collection: over 200 recipes complete with a selection of fine color photos embellish an in-depth reference to the cuisine of many Philippine islands. Included are an index and glossary, plus plenty of cultural references."
-The Bookwatch

Trim: 9" x 8"

Pages: 352

Illustrations: 24 color photographs





Paperback $29.95