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Hardcover $39.95


Ghosts, Demons & Monsters of Japan

Felicia Katz-Harris, Editor

Trim: 14" x 8.25"

Pages: 255

Illustrations: 52 color plates, 118 figures

Japanese Art

Folk Art

Folklore & Mythology

© 2019

The Japanese word, “yōkai” refers to a range of supernatural beings such as ghosts, demons, monsters, shapeshifters, tricksters, and other strange kinds of creatures. Yōkai also refers to peculiar entities (or presences), weird or unexplainable phenomena, and the visual depiction of these ideas. The book introduces readers to Japan’s relationship to yōkai: what they are, their associated tales, how people engaged with or interpreted yōkai in different contexts, and why they remain so popular in Japan. The contributors delve into popular culture themes to connect traditional folklore, folk art, and imagery to trends in Japan as well as in the United States.


Paperback $15

Zuni Fetish Carvers

The Mid-century Masters

Kent McManis, Author

Pages: 64

Illustrations: 110 color and black-and-white illustrations

Antique & Collectible Figurines

Arts & Photography Criticism

New Mexico

© 2003

This catalogue features selections from the Wheelwright Museum’s superb collection of Zuni fetishes amassed by Leonora Curtin, mostly between 1925 and the late 1940s.


Paperbound $15

Zuni Fetish Carvers of the 1970s

A Bridge from Past to Present

Kent and Laurie McManis

Pages: 103

Illustrations: 198 color and blank-and-white illustrations

Antique & Collectible Figurines

Native American

New Mexico

© 2006

This sequel to Zuni Fetish Carvers focuses on the second generation of Zuni fetish artists who produced the widely popular objects during the 1970s. The author includes interviews of the featured artists as well as the traders and dealers who popularized the carvings.


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